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Hi guys :D how has your 2014 been!?

I just received my new prints today
and have proceeded to update my online store @ etsy~

Head on over if you are interested!

Hello :) 

How have you guys been? 

I don't even know if many of you's are still active / actively watching me but I wish you guys a good xmas and hoping that 2014 will be a better yr :)

I want to thank you guys & also let you know that you give me hope, happiness & excitement. 
Having people look forward to seeing what I draw / interested what's in my mind really motivates me to create. 

Heres hoping to a better 2014!
OMG friends :D i dont know how many of you are in australia or if you even watch xfactor ( i personally dont -anime ftw) but my design was worn by Third D3gree~ 

Earlier this year we had to do group work for a swimwear range inspired by Kooza Cirque Du Soleil (don't remmebr if i posted any photos) but we had to sew, design prints etc. I spent 4 whole days hand colouring / designing this print in copics and then my group sewed it up into leggings etc and tonight it was on XFACTOR! they probably don't know / care who made it but on the other side we are like frothing HAHAH.

Heres some photos of tonights show & then fotos of our swimwear collection which we lamely named Cirque Du Blanc

screen cap of the group wearing it
->… <- watch the video

/finish spam :P
Hi guys sorry fro the mega late update have been very busy finishing off one of my major projects for fashion school , smash and other homework.
Smash was really very very busy. I didn't even have time to leave and take any photos or anything :( But i was uber happy that my 

SHINGEKI NO KYOJIN, FAIRY TAIL & the Sprited Away Artwork all sold out!! <3

Shingeki no Kyojin by j-b0x   Fairy Tail Fairy Tale by j-b0x   Floral Blessings by j-b0x

I haven't had time to reprint any of them but if people are interested please leave a comment & I will see to it that I reprint.

If you don't follow me on Facebook / tumblr you probably have not seen the completed version of my Tailoring Vatican Garment so here is a photo :D there are some other photos on my Facebook & Tumblr
The Red Vaticana by j-b0x 

:) was pretty happy with the end result~

I have also updated some new prints onto my ETSY - will probably reprint the Spirited Away picture later <3

Here are the new prints available - 
A selection of my Clow Cards, Ponyo & Oriental Feeling - there are also alot of other prints available :)
An Oriental Feeling by j-b0xPonyo in the Sea by j-b0x

The Shadow by j-b0x The Wood by j-b0x The Silent by j-b0x The Flower by j-b0x The Time by j-b0x The Storm by j-b0x

NB if you do not have an etsy account, you can also note me and we can work something out~

bah, still have so much work to do but look forward to my continuation of Ghibli Aliens, Fairy Tale Aliens & normal drawings :)

<3 J

hey guys, smash! convention is happening next week already -0- still haven't finished some of my newer prints!
Was jst wondering if I should print some of my Clow Card Collection to sell @ the convention - what do you guys think??
and also which one of my newer works i should print as well D:

The Time by j-b0x The Flower by j-b0x The Silent by j-b0x

Btw i will be at table 2!

<3 J
Hi guys, I just want to apologise if I never replied some of your messages, there are just too many. I am overwhelmed haha ( these are messages from like 20-40weeks ago) ive tried my best to reply to the recent ones.

I also wanna express my gratitude to each and everyone  of you that take the time to leave messages on my works! I do read them all

Hi guys, Since im on a roll and drawing more these few days, just wanted to open a quick commission to earn some $$ for fashion school since materials etc are exp hahaa.
I am thinking of opening 5 slots for now - comment & leave me a note if you are interested :)

Commissions will be in Alien style only [prices start at $35.00AUD one character via PAYPAL]

1. :iconchanhyochu:
2. :iconteanabeana: [FIN] Commission Teanabeana by j-b0x
3. :iconvaniraa: [FIN] Commission Luna by j-b0x
4. :iconsupermassivecrunchie:
5. [pending]

Hi guys!

Merry Christmas! i hope that 2012 was good for you and that 2013 will be even better :) Sadly this year i didnt update much ;( but thank you all for your support and hope that I can draw more and continue to improve!!!


Hey guys! just wanted to let you know that I am currently on holidays :) in japan atm for a week then going to hong kong! probably wont have much to upload onto facebook but check my tumblr ( & Facebook (j-b0x) [… for regular sketch updates and photos from my trip :)

Hope you guys have a good break as well! will be back before xmas!
hey guys, sorry i havent been updating with more exciting pictures - just been really busy doing my fashion school stuff :D
check my tumblr / facebook for more regular and random updates!

& THANK YOU so much for the daily deviantion on Purple Scent Purple Scent by j-b0x
look forward to my new drawings as I will be continuing the fairy tale series but with a twist :)

Remaning Ze Barn Owl Tees can now be purchased on my etsy~

Also heres a preview of what ive been making @ school - a toile for my major project (designed my own patterns :D)

Tell me something exciting about yourselves? i havent had time to reply msgs but i do read them :)
// head over to my facebook page to check out my new photo album where I will be posting photos & testimonials of those who have purchased and received their tees! please let me know if you have received your tee and link me a picture / link me and I will place it up there as well :D


Testimonial from :iconyoowl: <3


Hey guys, just letting you kno theres only 10 left = probably won't make owl ones again :)

Tees are $35.00 AUD each - includes a free 'Ze Barn Owl' Ze Barn Owl by j-b0x print
Shipping = $5.00 AUD within australia / nz // $10.00AUD everywhere else

each shirt is packaged like this Owl Tee Packagaing by j-b0x

Payment method : PAYPAL ONLY ( please send me your full name & address & choice of shirt via note )

2nd Style - White Singlet Top || 150GSM 100% Cotton

Model wears size "S" // White Singlet is available in Small [S], Medium [M]

M= width: 45cm x height: 70cm//

3 x Medium

3rd Style - White Tee || 150GSM 100% Cotton

Model wears size "S" // White Tee is available in Small [S], Medium [M] & Large [L]

S= width: 43cm x height: 68.5cm // M= width: 45.5cm x height: 69.5cm// L=width: 48cm x 70.5cm

2 x Small
2 x Medium
1 x large

4th Style - Organic Off white tee || 160GSM 100% Organic Cotton

Model wears size "M" // Organic Tee is available in Small [S]

S= width: 43cm x height: 68.5cm //


5th Style - Oatmeal Rounded Tail Tee || 150GSM 100%  Cotton

Model wears size "S" // Oatmeal Tee is no longer available



Availability Slots

White Singlet: || 3 x Medium ||
S1: [SOLD]
M1:  [SOLD]
M3: [available]
M4:  [available]

White Tee:  2 x Small || 2 x Medium || 1 x Large

S1: :iconhikarixmiku: [PAID] [SENT]  THANK YOU :D

S2:  [SOLD]
S3: [available]
S4: [available]

M1: [SOLD]

M2:  [SOLD]
M3:  [available]
M4:  [available]
L1:  [available]

Organic Tee || SOLD OUT

S1:    [Sold]
M1:  [Sold]

Oatmeal Tee: || SOLD OUT ||

M3: [Sold]
M4: [Sold]


Journal Entry: Mon Sep 3, 2012, 6:47 AM
Hey guys! hope you have been well :3 as usual I am swamped with hw -0-

now for a super super long post!

The first batch of tees are finally ready for sale online! I only have a limited number in sizes / style so grab them quick! please note colours may appear different in real life~

The shirts will cost $35.00 AUSTRALIAN DOLLARS (AUD) each - one per person only & for a limited time each person will also receive a complimentary 'Ze Barn Owl' Ze Barn Owl by j-b0x Print with their purchase! Shipping will depend on where you are - WITHIN AUSTRALIA /NZ : $5.00AUD // EVERYWHERE ELSE : $10.00AUD
The print on the tee is direct to garment (DTG) digital printing i.e. it is printed directly to the garment and high quality shirts. this is going to work is that whoever is interested in buying a shirt will send me a NOTE with your full details - name address & country where you are currently living as well as which shirts you  want in order of preference incase you first preference is sold out. (This includes sizes) maximum TWO  preferences please include the name of the tee eg; grey oatmeal, singlet white tee etc - COMMENTS WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED as part of the system - Notes only as they are easier to track! THANKS :D

PLEASE NOTE THIS IS A FIRST COME FIRST SERVE situation & only ONE per person - Once your order has been confirmed please pay within 3 - 5 days (the earlier the better and send me a note when you have sent payment :) )

There are 5 styles in total and in a variety of sizes :) I will show each style with a photograph and explain what sizes it comes in - at the end I will list the availabilities and will fill up the slots when i receive notes from people


1st style - Grey tee || 140GSM 50% cotton 50% modal

Model wears size 'S' // Grey tee is available in sizes Small [S] & Medium [M] (as these are slightly larger sizes)

S= width: 46.5cm x height: 72cm // M= width: 49cm x height: 74cm.

2nd Style - White Singlet Top || 150GSM 100% Cotton

Model wears size "S" // White Singlet is available in Small [S], Medium [M] & Large [L]

S= width: 42.5cm x height: 69.5cm // M= width: 45cm x height: 70cm// L=width: 47.5cm x 72.5cm LARGE SOLD OUT

3rd Style - White Tee || 150GSM 100% Cotton

Model wears size "S" // White Tee is available in Small [S], Medium [M] & Large [L]

S= width: 43cm x height: 68.5cm // M= width: 45.5cm x height: 69.5cm// L=width: 48cm x 70.5cm


4th Style - Organic Off white tee || 160GSM 100% Organic Cotton

Model wears size "M" // Organic Tee is available in Small [S], Medium [M] & Large [L]

S= width: 43cm x height: 68.5cm // M= width: 45.5cm x height: 69.5cm// L=width: 48cm x 70.5cm LARGE IS SOLD OUT

5th Style - Oatmeal Rounded Tail Tee || 150GSM 100%  Cotton

Model wears size "S" // Oatmeal Tee is available in Small [S], Medium [M] & Large [L]

S= width: 45.5cm x height: 70cm // M= width: 48cm x height: 72cm// L=width: 50.5 x 74   SMALL & LARGE IS SOLD OUT


That concludes the styles & sizes of the shirts
Following this, I will split each shirt into the numbers available. This list will be updated regularly with people's icons to show who has ordered which shirt, if it has been paid for / when I have shipped

Grey Tee: 2 x Small & 5 x Medium GREY IS ALL SOLD OUT! THANKS EVERYONE!

S1: :iconchibiko-kohai: [PAID] [SENT] THANK YOU! :D

S2: :iconedjz: [PAID] [SENT] THANK YOU! :D

M1: :iconthechibidesu: [PAID] [SENT] THANK YOU! :D

M2: :iconshaydarcy: [PAID] [SENT] THANK YOU! :D

M3: :iconyoowl: [PAID] [SENT] THANK YOU! :D

M4:  :iconplurain: [PAID] [SENT]  THANK YOU :D
M5:  :iconchronosiv:   [PAID] [SENT] THANK YOU :D RECEIVED -> photo link…

White Singlet:  1 x Small || 4 x Medium || 1 x Large
S1: [available]
M1:  [available]
M2: [available]
M3: [available]
M4:  [available]

White Tee:  4 x Small || 4 x Medium || 1 x Large
S1: [available]
S2: [available]
S3: [available]
S4: [available]
M1:  [available]
M2:  [available]
M3:  [available]
M4:  [available]
L1:  [available]

Organic Tee:  2 x Small || 1 x Medium || 1 x Large

S1: :iconkarolinanoumenon: [PAID] [unsent]

S1:  [available]
M1:  [available]

L1:  :iconcravingotters: [PAID] [SENT] THANK YOU! :D

Oatmeal Tee:  2 x Small   || 4 x Medium || 1 x Large

S1: :iconichitoko: [PAID] [SENT] ] THANK YOU! :D


M1: :iconkinasaur: [PAID] [SENT] THANK YOU! :D RECEIVED


M3: [available]
M4: [available]

L1:  :iconsweet-ginseng: [PAID] [SENT] THANK YOU! :D

Thanks for taking the time to read this :)

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Journal Entry: Sun Jul 15, 2012, 1:55 AM
Hi guys :D sorry for lack of updates *cry* been so busy i dont know where al my time has gone too -0-" this will be a super long update

Anyhow, SMASH was yesterday and it was hella hectic. Really happy so many people came to visit my store & I do recognise familiar faces that i see each yr ;)
Special shout to the 2 girls from Melbourne who nearly bought every single print & I was super stoked that people liked my artworks as well as my new natsume picture too <3

Heres some pictures of my store layout, only had half a stand this year because they had an overflow or artists and single artists arent allowed to get full tables unless they are a group -0-

close up

I stuck 'j-b0x' up onto the wall but halfway through the morning they came crashing down onto my friends shoulder and they are made of like wood...:S

I must say the only way i was able to run my store was thanks to my two great friends <3 and also one of them helped me package and create the cardboard stands used to display my works!!!

I also had the pleasure to be in the stall next to :iconry-spirit: it was lovely & i traded my prints for his D: (so happy he wanted them) i got a robin/batman one and this one Mario Kart: Wheels of Fury by Ry-Spirit
Saw alot of hectic cosplayers and i wish i had time to do cosplay maybe i would look more approachable LOL. I did however get interviewed by this Japanese crew from COMIC MARKET (which im friggen hoping was COMIKET) HAHAHAH got freebies from thema nd then gave them some of my prints and said they may showcase my stuff!!

By the end of the day i had sold out of some of my prints and nearly half my stock was gone so really pleased & now that i have stock left over i will have less to print out for Manifest
This year i will be attending manifest for the first time as an artist with a table and I will be sharing it with the lovely and talented :iconcherriuki: I probably won't make any sales coz I will be next to her but it will be a good experience ;) Please come visit if you are going

Last but not least, remember how we were discussing Tshirts from me well I have managed to get a deal of doing Tshirts and going to do a Limited run of ze barn owl Ze Barn Owl by j-b0x on a variety of tshirt styles.

Here is the sample i got, the print looks wonderful because it is digitally printed on and just blends into the fabric of the shirt

So far i have only ordered female styles and that is because i feel that it may be a lil feminine for menswear.
I will be updating regularly regarding the tshirts and once they become available I will be selling them :D so please let me know if you are interested!
Prior to that I will be organising a photoshoot of the shirts for fun so thats gonna be something diff and interesting to look forward to~ art + fashion

Ok.. gotta get back to homework, hope everyone is happy and well



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Devious Journal Entry

Journal Entry: Mon Jul 2, 2012, 8:16 PM
rawrr working hard trying to draw fanart for conventions -0-!
hows everyone

My wacom died recnetly :( currently awaiting my new one -0- before i start again

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SMASH convention 2012

Journal Entry: Tue Jun 12, 2012, 12:22 AM
Hey guys, turns out I w i ll be turning @ SMASH 2012 with a table :3 hope to see people there!! currently busy cramming homeowkr & preparing for smash convention ;)

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Journal Entry: Sun May 27, 2012, 11:39 PM
Hello.. how are you all :0
I have tonsillitis . . .. . T__T

i need to improve in my designing, drawing and time managment =-=
who is good @ time managemnet? i need help!!

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So much homework! how are you

Journal Entry: Mon May 14, 2012, 11:55 PM
So I am swamped with homework coz i was sick last week now ctaching up alot of stuff :( won't be able to post something new  for a while. how are you guys?

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SMASH 2012 - no j-b0x

Journal Entry: Sat May 5, 2012, 6:07 AM
So sadly, i didnt make it to smash 2012 tables because so many people beat me to it ( i dindt realise they were opened @ 7 coz i had fashion school and then I went out ) kinda annoyed / sad but hoping a free spot opens~~~~`

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Exhibition Update and something to LOL @

Journal Entry: Fri Apr 13, 2012, 8:05 AM
So today I was part of an exhibition launch with :iconlovesoup: and some other people  and so I snagged photographs so you can see what other people produced as well ( I only took photos of the ones I was part of LOLOl) - I took photos coz i really liked it in the frames~

randoms in the way

It was quite fun for that short amount of time i was there, good to see other artists & their works - I also sold one already YAY :D :D:D -> the lost & found one I hope i sell all of them HAhAHAA!!!

& now for the lol factor, if you have been to my facebook & tumblr you woul dknow already but for others who don't follow me there its here!!

So apparently I was notified by a fellow deviantart member that they had found my drawings (more specifically my ID) on some packaging in some shop LOLOLOL - no I didn't give my consent but its pretty flattering and amusing they would use my works to sell their stuff lol.. atleast its not them selling my drawings as artworks ahahahah so i don't really feel the need to " sue " or anything coz thats just troublesome and this is like free promotion kinda LOL.

and here is the image

Have a good night guys ;)

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